Steve Smith only missed a couple of games due to injury

Since the start of this season, though, Smith has not publicly addressed his NFL future. Former Carolina offensive tackle , who was Smith’s teammate with the Panthers and at the University of Utah, said Smith’s lack of patience with the first pick of the 2011 draft was a factor in the team’s decision to let him go.

said he will “no longer antagonize defensive backs” on the gridiron, but he didn’t say he’ll do the same while on television. The former Carolina Panthers and wide receiver and five-time Pro Bowler signed a multi-year deal to appear as an analyst on multiple shows on NFL Network.

Former Baltimore wide receiver Steve Smith Sr. posted a pic of him and Maclin outside of the Ravens team facility’s cafeteria. Could Smith, who has never hid his affection for the Ravens, possibly be helping Baltimore lure another Pro Bowl receiver?

“I look at Steve Smith and he is your best player, but the problem is he is a 37-year-old wide receiver,” Harrison said in October. “He is coming off a major surgery. Once he left the game, then your toughness and wholesale sports jerseys production left. They have some good young wide receivers, but they don’t have a lot of NFL experience.”

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When the Panthers released Steve Smith back in March of 2014, the controversial decision sent shock waves throughout the Carolinas. The greatest player in franchise history had planned to play one more season with the Panthers before hanging up his cleats and waiting the mandatory five years for Hall of Fame consideration.

But in the NFL Network’s “Steve Smith: A Football Life” that airs Friday at 9 p.m., Carolina’s all-time leading receiver and others give credence to the rumblings.

Panthers #89 Steve Smith Black Stitched NFL Jersey
Panthers #89 Steve Smith Black Stitched NFL Jersey

“Steve Smith is just a cerebral person,” Baldwin said. “I’ve taken so much from the film that I’ve watched of him, but just talking to him. One of the things that he’s always told me is just appreciate it. You can’t take it for granted. And so every time I’m out there, I think about when I was playing in little league sports, when I was playing little league football and how much I loved it and just enjoyed it as a kid. And I don’t want to take it for granted.

Ramsey, the No. 5 pick of the 2016 NFL draft, and Ravens wide receiver Steve Smith got into an exchange on the field after Baltimore’s 19-17 victory on Sunday and had to be separated. Ramsey said he thinks Smith was upset because of the way Ramsey was covering him — and said he has no respect for the 37-year-old wide receiver.

This season, Flacco played the entire season, and Smith only missed a couple of games due to injury. But Baltimore totaled 5,563 yards, which was No. 17 in the NFL.

We’re not sure what’s more hilarious: suggesting that a $72 million QB will absolutely be outplayed by a Day 2 rookie in 2017 or comparing the Cleveland Browns professional football organization to a shirt-swapping non-profit. The best part about Smith’s assessment? It’s fair advice that the Browns might just take on Friday night.

We would suggest chalking this up to a case of Gang Green simply performing due diligence, updating the Steve Smith file to gauge his resolve in walking away from football with a year or two still left in the tank.

“Now he is an old dog that has to show he can do new tricks,” Smith said of Peterson. “But he wants to show people he can learn a new system; he can adjust. One of the key factors with every older guy going to a new team: Can he adapt to that new system? That’s always a question mark: Is that guy selfish? Will he do the things that are asked of him? If he wasn’t able to do it, he wouldn’t have gotten a job in the first place. There are so many more guys that flunk out of the NFL because they can’t adjust than there are guys that adjust and do well.”

It would make little sense for the Jets to cut Marshall and Decker only to turn around and sign the game’s oldest receiver. It would make even less sense for Smith to unretire for the opportunity to join an organization ostensibly punting the 2017 season.